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Heart of Nightmares is Out!

2014.03.31 10:02 PM
Ubisoft is proud to introduce Heart of Nightmares, the biggest expansion to date for Might & Magic - Duel of Champions. This new update includes 100 new cards, new solo campaigns, puzzles, daily quests, new ranking modes, a totally revamped user experience and more! Read More

Special announcement : Heart of Nightmares

2014.03.24 02:28 PM
As you already know, our team is currently hard at work to deliver the highly anticipated Base Set 2 update. BS2 will bring about a deeper meta-game along with heaps of new content to Duel of Champions. Additionally, you might have heard that a fifth series of cards is also on the way. Originally, this expansion would have been released shortly after Base Set 2. Read More

5 Champion's Boxes for Valentine's Day 

2014.02.18 10:55 PM
Friday Feb 14th is Valentine’s Day, and we believe Duel of Champions is the perfect romantic game to celebrate love!  Read More

DoC Event in Warsaw @ Level Up Bar

2014.02.18 10:37 PM
Join us on the 6th of March, from 7pm onwards, at the LevelUp bar in Warsaw, Poland, for an exclusive evening all about Duel of Champions. Read More

Welcome to the new Duel of Champions website!

2014.02.04 09:17 PM
Ubisoft is really proud to unveil the brand new Might & Magic - Duel of Champions website! New community section, beginner's guide, a whole list of cards, live streamers and much more features are waiting for you!   Read More

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